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If I’d like to ask, why do you prefer to watch movies at the cinema than in your home? Well, I guess that’s obvious. The high image quality and vibrant colour that the cinema screen exudes. Fortunately for you, you can replicate this in your home, even with much image clarity.

An Oled television is an innovation that comes with a very high resolution. The new technology provides you with an outstanding picture quality while consuming little or no power. Imagine being able to trade a Forex market or video call your friend on Facebook; while seeing every detail. That's crazy.

Oled smart TV is suitable for everyone. Read on to know more about the device.

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1 LG
About: Self-lighting OLED: Perfect Black, Intense Colour, Infinite Contrast | Alpha 9 (... Show more
C$2798 on amazon Price updated 8 hours ago
2 Sony
About: Sony’s MASTER Series TVs faithfully convey the creator’s intent on-screen | Mill... Show more
C$3498 on amazon Price updated 5 hours ago
3 LG
About: Self-lighting OLED: Perfect Black, Intense Colour, Infinite Contrast | Alpha 7 (... Show more
C$1648 on amazon Price updated 5 hours ago
4 Sony
About: Bring out the beauty of OLED with the powerful Picture Processor X1 Ultimate | M... Show more
C$2298 on amazon Price updated 5 hours ago
5 LG
About: OLED Gallery Design. Slim wall-mount included (TV stand sold separately) | Self-... Show more
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6 Sony
About: Additional product details on the items included this bundle can be found below ... Show more
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7 Sony
About: MASTER series TVs are meticulously engineered for excellence with the latest and... Show more
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8 Sony
About: OLED + PIXEL CONTRAST BOOSTER: Millions of individual pixels are supercharged fo... Show more
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9 LG
About: LG OLED TV with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ThinQ has the Google Assistant buil... Show more
C$5500 on amazon Price updated 5 hours ago
10 LG
About: Self-lighting OLED: Perfect Black, Intense Colour, Infinite Contrast | Alpha 9 (... Show more
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Our Ranking Criteria

In short, we do the research for you. You probably don't have time to read through reviews of top 40 products. We go through reviews for you, and try to paint a decent picture of your best options. We rank the products based on 4 weighted criteria:
  • customer reviews [30%] - how customers rated this product? Literally, the higher, the better.
  • popularity [30%] - how many people seem to buy this product compared to other options.
  • brand trustworthiness [15%] - the more other high-rated products by this brand, the more trustworthy we consider the vendor
  • value for money [25%] - adjust the above for price. If there is a better option for lower price, product is ranked higher.

What about the price?

Price only accounts for 25% of the score because price is a tricky thing. It boils down to your individual preference - do you want to go higher-end or budget?

Ideally, we try to recommend better-featured items that have a lower price and high customer score, but in most cases you can't espace the fact that extra features/quality cost extra money.

Please take a look at the price chart for oled tvs to see the best picks in each budget.

In a nutshell: 3 most popular options

Price ranges for best-selling OLED TVs:

We made a price chart of the top selling OLED TVs (see below). Budget options start at C$1647.99, going up C$5499.99. The most popular option is priced at C$2797.99, which is on the cheaper side. We definitely recommend checking it out. Click on a product in the chart for more info.

What is an OLED TV, and how is it better than a LED or LCD television?

Oled is the shortened form for Organic light-emitting diode; this speaks volumes about the nature of the panel with which Oled TVs are built. When you see Oled TVs think of it as a device that gives darker blacks and brilliant whites. Better put, Oled technology makes every single picture exude blazingly.

Though Oled technology has been around for quite a while (1987), it was until 2004, before manufacturers started infusing it into televisions. Since then, several top manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Sony, and the likes have switched from LCD, LED to OLED technology.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. Oled TVs gives better contrast and more precise colours than LED TVs. In fact, Oled TVs radiate 50% of the quantity of blue-light that LED TVs radiate, thereby protecting your eyes.

Also, Oled TVs are slimmer than LED TVs; therefore, they consume less power. Besides, when it comes to viewing angle, Oled TVs are no match for LED TVs. That said, LCD TVs are almost out of sight, you rarely find them in the market, as they lack proper backlighting of the pixels. Therefore, you find them intertwined with LED (you can only see LCD-LED TV).

Which is better: OLED TV or 4k resolution Television?

You see people hit up the internet trying to compare 4K resolutions TVs to Oled TV. It is funny; ok let answer this age-long question.

 There are Oled TVs with 4K resolutions while there are 4K resolution televisions that are not Oled. You still don't understand?

You can interpret 4K resolution as 3840 pixels by 2160 lines, while Oled is a technology that improves image quality. Our Oled TVs comes with 4k, so your comparison should be between Oled 4K televisions and other 4K television. And the answer is glaring, Oled 4K TVs are better than LED LCD 4k TVs, talk about picture quality, contrast, and others, Oled 4k TVs outshine other types of television.

How much does a Smart OLED television cost in Canada?

This question is a trivial one. Actually, Oled Smart TVs' prices vary depending on a host of things, one of which is brand. The brand type of Oled smart TV can affect the price. For instance, some Sony Oled TV brands seem to be a bit costlier than the LG Oled TV brand despite having the same specifications.

Besides, the type/nature of the operating system also affects the television price, with WebOS TVs being a bit higher. Specifications like resolution and screen inches also play a significant role in the cost of a television.

Notwithstanding, a budget between $1,500- $4,200 should get an excellent Oled TV with great features and specifications.

What to consider before buying a smart OLED TV?

We are entirely oblivious of the fact that the needs of man are insatiable. Therefore, what you want on a smart Oled TV may be different from what your friend wants. However, Oled TVs are built in such a way that will suit your need irrespective of your wants. Here are what you should be on the look for in your next shopping:

  • The screen size:

Usually, the bigger the television, the bolder image. However, you need to consider the size of your sitting room. Medically, it is not good to sit a meter distance away from a 60 inches’ television, instead, a distance of 1.5-2.5m is recommended. For those who love to play games, we recommend that you get an Oled TV with a screen size of at least 55’’.

  • Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate of a smart Oled TV determines how fast images/pictures will refresh. The feature is measured in hertz.

For example, if you are a gamer or You Tuber, you need a smart Oled TV with a fast/high refresh rate. Otherwise, the images/pictures might load slowly, which can be frustrating. We implore that you get a TV with at least a refresh rate of 120Hz.

  • The number of HDMI Ports:

The higher the number of HDMI ports, the better for you. With this, you can connect your speaker, your game console, and many other things. Meanwhile, it is also good to watch out for smart TV whose HDMI port allows HDMI 2.0 and the features that come with it. We advise that you get a smart TV with Five HDMI ports and above.


  • The Price

What applications and services can you use on a smart OLED TV?

 When you use the right applications and services on your smart Oled TV, you tend to get the best out of the television. Some of the applications you can use on your Oled TV include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter- the list is endless.

You can also install a webcam on your TV. With a webcam; you can connect to the internet to make a video call.

When you own a smart TV, you don't need to be bothered about missing out on the latest television series as you can always watch them on Netflix. And if you are a music freak, you can listen to the latest music on Spotify, all on your Oled TV.

These applications and services often come with the TV; alternatively, you can download them from the application store.

Interestingly, some of the Oled Televisions depending on the operating system comes with Alexa or google assistant. With this, you can instruct the TV to switch to your desired program or channel automatically.

Do you know you can build a smart home by connecting each of your appliances to your Oled TV? Let me burst your bubble: you can lock your door without standing up from the couch. However, you need to know that different Oled TV has different capabilities.

While some rely on the device operating system to do all these functions, others depend on third party services like Roku TV and others. Suppose you are interested in downloading any of these apps, services, or movies mentioned above. In that case, this is how to go about it:

  • Click on the content store (you can find apps and films here)
  • Move to the app market place
  • Pick your preferred app

How to maintain an OLED TV

Apparently, a smart Oled TV is costlier than a typical television. Therefore, you need to maintain the device well; otherwise, you might have to replace or fix it.

Watching out for things as small as electric voltage goes a long way in determining the TV's lifespan. Also, you need to know that dust is a common household enemy of electrical appliances; hence you are to clean the machine every time. Here's a more detailed way to maintain your smart Oled TV

  • Please switch off the device if it is not in use.
  • Reduce the brightness. An increase in TV brightness translates to an increase in electricity consumption, which could heat up your TV. Mind you, if this continues for a long time, it will affect your device's screen.
  • Tidy up the space surrounding the TV
  • Leave a distance of 2-6 inches between the wall and your TV rear. Electronic appliances are known to generate heat, so you need to allow easy air movement around the device.
  • Only clean your smart TV screen with a dry microfiber cloth. (disconnect the device from the power source before cleaning)

How to Update Your Android OLED TV software?

Using an updated software on your android smart Oled TV comes with a whole lot of benefits. One, it shields your service from virus threats or hacking. Secondly, new software comes with improved features. That is to say, you would enjoy every single benefit that comes with the latest software.

Before you try updating your system software, ensure that you are actively connected to a good network connection. If the network is poor, you can download the updated software on a good computer and then extract the content with a flash. You can then connect the Flash to a USB port on your TV to extract the software.

To avoid missing out on the latest update, you need to update your device to receive updates automatically. If you use a Sony Oled TV, this is how to go about it:

  • On your remote control, tap the home button
  • Click on the 'help' option (for some versions of Android TV, you need to select the app and then help)
  • Pick the system software update option
  • Look for the automatic software download and then turn it on.

In some selected Sony Oled TV, a new software update notification will pop up for about a few seconds. Click on Update to start downloading the latest software. The whole process of downloading and installation might take about 15-20 minutes.

Tips on how to troubleshoot some fundamental smart OLED TV problems

Smart TVs are great, no doubt, but they are not immune to one hiccup or the other. Despite these, you can quickly fix this problem and get your device back on track: Below are some common problem with smart Oled TVs and how to troubleshoot them:

  • The inability of the device to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Remove the Quickstart feature. You can do this by following All settings > General > Quickstart> turn it off
  • Turn off the TV and then disconnect the device from the power source
  • Turn on the TV and try connecting it to a good Wi-Fi network

  • Black/Blank screen

It is painful coming home after a long home at work to see your TV screen not displaying pictures or images. The problem might be from a faulty cable, outdated software, or probably your sleep timer is on. To know if the issue is not from your TV, you can tap the menu button on the remote; if it displays on the screen, then there's nothing wrong with your TV. Here is how to solve the problem:

  • Check the cable and the connections (ensure the wires are properly connected)
  • Check the content sources ( SAT box, Roku, CD player). Ensure you switch it off and then turn it off
  • Remove the sleep timer feature
  •  Update your TV software

  • Unsynchronized audio and video
  • Press the home button
  • Navigate from settings to sound
  • Click and turn on the AV sync. Adjust
  • Beneath the AV sync. Adjust the external speaker slider until the video and the audio are in sync.

This simple step works well for LG smart Oled TVs with an android or Web operating system.

Can you still watch your local channels on your smart OLED TV?

Yes, you can see all or most of Canada's local channels on your smart Oled TV. However, it would help if you got an antenna or a cable to get premium content on your smart TV. See how to go about it:

  • Connect your HDTV antenna coax cable to the space provided at the back of the television.
  • Plug the antenna's adapter into a power source
  • Click on the home button
  • Finally, navigate from setup to channel and finally auto-tuning

The smart TV will search for available channels in your local area, though the process might take about 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, you can connect your TV to the internet to download the

Locast or Pluto application. With any of these apps, you can easily watch local channels in your area.

What accessories can you use with your smart OLED TV?

Buying an Oled TV is not enough; you need to use the device with certain accessories to get the best out of the TV. Besides, these gadgets improve the capability of the device. Here is a list of some gadgets that you can use with your smart TV:

  • A Wireless Keyboard:

A wireless keyboard makes life easy for you. From the comfort of your chair, you can input commands, perform a YouTube search or even initiate a chat with your Facebook friends.

  • A Chromecast:

Ever heard of this? I doubt. A chrome cast gives you access to applications that are not on your device. For instance, you can project the call of duty game from your mobile phone on your smart Oled TV. I guess you said terrific. Yes, it is

  • Android TV Box:

This is somehow close to Chrome cast. You can move applications from your phone to your TV on Chromecast, but with an Android TV box, you have the games and app inherent in it. You can download applications and games on the TV box to use directly on your smart Oled TV.

However, the android TV box is only compatible with smart Oled TV with an android operating system.

You can also get cleaning wipes, a blue-ray player, and other lovely accessories.

How to screen grab and record content on your smart OLED TV

How does it feel to share some epic moments in a movie or game with friends on social media? It is unexplainable. Over the years, only mobile phones could record and screenshot contents, but now, some smart Oled TV can conveniently do this. See how to screenshot content on your LG webOS TV:

  • Gently tap the 123 buttons on your remote
  • A menu will pop up on your screen. From here, you will see the capture feature.
  • Click on it
  • A message asking you to confirm the screenshot will show up.
  • Once you’ve confirmed it, boom, the screenshot is ready.

If you want to edit the screenshotted image, you can make use of the Photo Editor app. From here, you can send the picture to your phone or computer through smart share.

Also, you need to know that some applications do not allow screenshots due to copyright issues.

In other news, screen grabbing content on android smart Oled TV and android smartphones are basically the same. This is how to go about it:

  • Grab your remote
  • Press the power and the volume button (the decrease volume button) together simultaneously
  • In no time, you have the content screenshotted.

That said, you can record your favourite TV show and watch it later. Luckily for you, most smart Oled TVs come with a personal video recorder. With this, you can record content. Alternatively, you can use a USB. Here is how to record content with your USB:

  • Plug the USB into the port on the USB-USB cable (mind you, you must have connected one end of this cable to your TV)
  • Tune your television to the content you would like to record
  • Grab the remote and press the record button/ wheel button (on an LG smart remote control)
  • The TV will run a check on the USB to determine the amount of available space
  • It will start recording
  • You can end the recording by clicking on the Record button/wheel button
  • Save the content.

A smart Oled TV has several unique features and capabilities that you can never find in a traditional TV. With this, you can tailor and personalize the device to your taste. If you would like to watch movies, play games, listen to music, and surf the net with an outstanding image quality all on a single device, then a smart Oled TV is the right device to invest in; go Canada!

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