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AI Chatbot will read hundreds of product reviews in seconds to give you the best options.

Access the knowledge of top product experts in one interface

We aggregate and index product reviews by the experts in the field. When you ask a question, our ChatBot will search through the reviews and find the best answer for you. All answers have sources and citations to maximize transparency.

Use case: Product queries

Often when researching a product, you have a very specific question in mind. Perhaps you want to know whether the touchpad is too sensitive, or whether the orange flavor is too citrusy, or what kind of chime the doorbell makes. This is where the ChatBot shines.

In seconds, the ChatBot will search through the reviews, summarize and compile the answer.

To ask questions about the product - go to a product profile page, such as iPhone 14 or Sonos Move. To get to a product profile page - just use the search bar above.

Use case: Product comparison

When comparing 2 products, you may want to know the specific differences between them. Whether you're talking about generic opinions ("which has a better camera") or specific questions ("how many USB ports does each model have") - the ChatBot will summarize expert opinions.

To compare products - go to a product profile page and click 'compare with'.

Use case: Product recommendation (coming soon)

Product recommendation is essentially a chat interface to our rankings. The ChatBot will be able to recommend a product based on your specific requirements (small bookshelf speaker, budget kitchen blender, etc.).